Coming Soon: Source One Card & Members Rewards Program

3 min readJul 6, 2022

A community-first approach to Source Protocol’s growth and value proposition that offers members exclusive benefits and rewards within the Source Ecosystem and beyond.


When it comes to growth, adoption and user value-add, most DeFi products limit themselves to the digital realm. Outside of their code-based suite of services and any competitive advantages they may have technologically, there isn’t much being brought to the table to incentivize users to come, and stay. This, among other variables, has caused fairly high turnover rates when it comes to DeFi products, as many users rush to the ‘next best platform,’ having little incentive outside of security, rates comparisons, asset availability, and fee structures to stay with any particular platform over another.

While Source brings various benefits technologically, and will certainly appeal to customers for this reason alone, we are implementing premier incentive programs and packages that will set Source apart in our ability attract and retain crypto and non-crypto users alike.


This initiative will start with the Source One Card and Members Rewards Program. Similar to American Express’ concept of luxury and premium benefits through their partners, referrals and perks, Source One Card holders and Source One Members will benefit from exclusive discounts on Source partner products and services, ranging from giveaways to travel to financial education to physical products and much more, as well as early access to future Source product releases and VIP events. Members will also be provided a personal profile and community dashboard to conveniently access all of their benefits and perks, track their referrals and rewards status, and enter exclusive Source giveaways and social media contests.

Source One Cards will come at an early-bird price of only $100 and comes equipped with your personal Smart Chain (BNB) wallet address QR code, your Source referral QR code, your name, and unique Source Members ID number. It is important to note that in the future, these cards will be implemented with debit/credit features attached to your Source DeFi Wallet for converting your crypto holdings to fiat in real time.

While Source One Card holders are automatically given Top Tier Rewards Status, Source Members have the option to earn and upgrade their rewards status via referrals, social media contests and other competitions, without having to purchase a card.

Whether you’re a day trader, new to crypto, a travel enthusiast, or just looking to get the best discounts on your favorite products and services, the Source One Card and Source Members Rewards program is your pass to the best benefits and perks in the new Web 3.0 economy.

Launch Details

The Source One Card and Members Rewards program will launch in July 2022, specific date TBD. Learn more about Source, engage with the community, and get exclusive updates on launch, airdrops, etc at the links below: