SOURCE Blockchain White Paper: Powering the Future of Web 3.0


  • Source Swap — An Interchain DEX & AMM built on Source Chain for permission-less listing of $SOURCE-based tokens, native Cosmos SDK assets, cw-20’s, and wrapped Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) assets.
  • Source One Market — A peer to peer, non-custodial DeFi marketplace for borrowing, lending, staking, and more. Built on Binance Smart Chain with bridging to Source Chain & native Cosmos SDK assets.
  • Source Token $SRCX (BEP-20) — the first automated liquidity acquisition and DeFi market participation token built on Binance Smart Chain.
  • Source One Token $SRC1 (BEP-20) — a governance and incentivized earnings token that powers Source One Market.
  • Source USX $USX (BEP-20) — Source One Market stablecoin backed and over collateralized by a hierarchy of blue chip crypto assets and stablecoins.
  • Source Launch Pad — Empowering projects to seamlessly distribute tokens and raise liquidity. ERC-20 and BEP-20 capable.
  • Source One Card & Members Rewards Program — users can earn from a robust suite of perks and rewards. In the future, Source One Card will enable users to swipe with their crypto assets online and at retail locations in real time.
  • DeFi-as-a-Service (DaaS) — Seamless white-label integration of Source One Market, Source Swap, Source Launch Pad, and/or Source One Card with existing online banking and financial applications, allowing businesses to bring their customers DeFi capabilities.


Existing Blockchain Solutions are Falling Short

  • Majority of protocols are reliant on centralized exchanges for liquidity, limiting their ability to scale independently
  • Slow transactions speeds, high costs, limited scalability, and inability to collaborate and share information with other chains, has created severe limitations in Gen 2 blockchain infrastructure
  • There still exists a level of complexity in blockchain applications that remains a barrier to entry for the average user
  • There is not enough focus on building “bridges” for the enterprise to adopt this new technology easily and quickly

Summary on Source Chain $SOURCE

Key Components

  • Sustainable Growth model built for enterprise involvement and mass application adoption
  • Guardian Validator Nodes for enhanced network security
  • Integration with Source Protocol’s Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem and Decentralized Money Market, Source One Market
  • Source-Drop (Fair community airdrop and asset distribution for $ATOM and $SRCX holders)
  • Interoperable smart contracts (IBC)
  • High speed transaction finality
  • Affordable gas fees (average of $0.01 per transaction)
  • Highly scalable infrastructure
  • Open-source
  • Permission-less Modular Wasm + (EVM)
  • Secured on-chain governance
  • Ease of use for developers

Implementing Sustainable Growth

$SOURCE Key Features

Interoperability (IBC)


Throughput & Affordable Gas Fees

Decentralization Model

Guardian Nodes

  • Designed to protect governance and secure the future of $SOURCE
  • Managed by $SOURCE Guardian DAO’s expertise
  • 13 Guardian Nodes deployed at genesis to spread network distribution
  • Non-competing with $SOURCE community validators
  • Provides additional funding for community pool
  • Abstains from voting unless the chain is threatened
  • Provides opportunity for strategic enterprise partners

Value-Backing From Guardian Node Staking

Community Pool

Strategic Reserve


Source Swap


Fees: Transaction, Swap & Exit

Source One Market & Source One Card

Unofficial $SOURCE Genesis Distribution


$SOURCE-Drop Airdrop



Bonus Eligibility





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